Always lead by example.

If it wasn’t for my content manager and traffic manager, that would be my post for the day. Just one short sentence, finished. That’s one of the best tips, I believe, that anyone knew to starting up their own business can receive. It’s advice that has been passed down to us for many generations. I can even remember sitting around the campfire close to the sea, listening to our wise old grandfathers telling us stories from the past.

Invariably, the inspirational tales that would widen our eyes and prick up our ears were the stories of our great chiefs throughout the ages. In a later post, I’m going to be giving you a quick sketch on the history of our islands where leadership is quite prominent. But to begin this inspirational post in all earnest, girls, just remember one thing; from the moment he slips that ring on your finger and the moment you’ve conceived your first child, you are a leader.

  • YOU ARE A BORN LEADER – So, being a natural leader, this should come naturally to you. Sorry for the repetition, but I just didn’t know how else to put it. But, and I can speak from experience, this thing about being a natural born leader is easier said than done. Social circumstances continue to make things difficult for women, particularly those from the poorer classes. There’s also peer pressure to contend with, particularly if you’re still a youngster, not even thinking about motherhood just yet. It will help you to build a thick skin. It takes time and practice to perfect. Simply carry on with your job. Before you know it, others will be following you.
  • TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOUR NATURAL MULTITASKING SKILLS – Another natural trait that women seem to have is the ability to multitask. What this basically means is that you have the natural ability to do and oversee several things at the same time. If you can do this right now, you’re management material. But again, we have to remember our personal circumstances. There’s also our different unique personalities to take into account. Not every girl will be able to perfect this right away. Again, this takes time and practice. Since you’re just starting out, take things step by step and practice finishing small tasks, one by one. And then you can build up from there.
  • DO BOOKKEEPING FROM DAY ONE – That’s one of the hardest lessons I had to learn in life. Before I actually properly started up my business, I was merely dabbling. I’d been given a few opportunities to run things by myself but wasn’t taking it too seriously. To say that you’re still young isn’t even an excuse anymore. Anyway, whatever money I made along the way, sometimes I made quite a bit, I simply blew it. Okay, I was never a party girl or shopaholic or anything like that. I was taking good care of my family with the money that I earned. But what was my big mistake? I wasn’t budgeting. To say that you weren’t born to work prudently with your hard earned income is another excuse that won’t fly. In entrepreneurship, you simply cannot afford not to budget. As a leader of your own business, it is your responsibility to work well with your finances. It would be well worth your while educating yourself with educational material on how to do good bookkeeping. Also, if you’ve made enough to afford it, you should consider hiring a qualified or experienced bookkeeper. Let her take of the books while you get on with the day to day running of your business.
  • HELP YOUR STAFF – This is one of the finest qualities any business leader can have. She helps out. She does not sit in her office all day like a typical executive. She gets out there on the shop floor and helps out. Sometimes your staff will struggle to keep up. Or maybe there’s someone who is struggling to master a new task. She works for you. It’s your duty to teach her what to do next. Being a good teacher is part of being a good leader.
Written by lima

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