Some tech savvy and social media ‘smart’ folks’ will tell you that it’s very easy to start up an online new business today. Oh really? Oh, all you really need is a mobile or laptop, a couple of social media accounts and a good internet connection, and there you go – this is what these young guys and girls will be saying. Yes, it may be easy for them, but I dare them to show what they managed to achieve so far. Now, I’m really being cynical, but most serious-minded startup entrepreneurs have already turned their words into actions. They have the results to prove their success. And if any of them are going to be guiding you on how to startup your own online business, there will be some form of profit motive for them behind the scenes. There is nothing wrong with this. That’s the first rule of business. Do not be afraid to talk about money and never take it personally.


But have a look at the World Wide Web today and you will see that there are so many online resources and tools to utilize for enriching yourself with good advice on how to startup an online business correctly and effectively. Invariably, you’ll be linking up with trade associations which will help pave the way for your new business opportunities. But be careful. See if you can verify the internet links. Make sure the resources are credible and don’t be afraid to seek out third party advice.


To run your own online business successfully, you do not need the very best and most expensive software and hardware tools. Just so long as you’ve utilized the services of a competent, credible, reliable and experienced technician to fine tune and service your machinery, using just the basics can be sufficient.


This is a broad point. Specifically linking it to your tools of trade, make sure all your hardware and software data is securely backed up at regular intervals. Set up a maintenance program as well to make sure that you are ahead of the time when your PC starts to wind down or software becomes obsolete. But if you’re already using good tech guys, you may never have to experience such breakdowns.


This is another broad point which goes beyond just your online activities. It’s also a positive point to be making at this stage. Did you notice how I’ve included the plural here? That’s the nature of successful entrepreneurship. You need to persist in seeking out opportunities to create more than one source of income, just like I’m doing. So, when one well runs dry, and it can, you’ll have replenishments elsewhere to sustain your business and domestic life with. Make sure you’ve secured your finances. In this environment, it is almost unavoidable that you will be conducting transactions online.

Make sure you use one of the world’s best virus protection software packages to secure all your personal and business information. Unfortunately, while most of us want to make a good, honest living, there are many devious crooks out there. They will stop at nothing to steal from others. They do not care whether you’re rich or poor. If your home office is not secured by one of the best virus software packages available, these guys will hack you to pieces.

Do not listen to what others have to say about this. They are being complacent. If they’re not complacent, they’re being highly irresponsible. I have heard this wrecking ball of a story too many times already. The story goes that skilled hackers only target the big guns. They’re not going to waste their time and energy with small fry like you and me. They’ll bypass two hundred dollars here and three hundred dollars there. But like any business in the world, online businesses too, we all start from the bottom up. Hackers do too. Rather be safe and sorry.

There are many stresses, sometimes even hang-ups, in relation to running a small business today. That’s the nature of it all. You’ve got to learn to swim with the sharks. But to begin winding this post down on a positive high, you’ll learn from experience. Hopefully those experiences will be rewarding and won’t be related to nasty, loss-making ones. I’m a sensitive girl at the best of times. I’m still learning to toughen up on this side.

But the best thing about life for me right now, problems and all things business, I’m sleeping quite well at night. Not out of sheer exhaustion, but more from having good peace of mind.

Written by lima

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