Moms are life givers.

By giving you a few startup tips, I’m going to be sharing with you some of my own experiences that got me going. Maybe you’re also wondering what it is I actually do. Let me tell you about that straight away. First of all, my working title is entrepreneur. That’s accurate for obvious reasons. In my neck of the tropic woods, I can be doing several things, depending on the time of the year, although the weather’s really great for most of the time.

It keeps me busy for most of the year, so first and foremost, I am a blogger. It is one of the most convenient startup jobs to have, because you can work from home during different times of the day, especially when you have kids around the house and chores to see to. The next job is seasonal because it depends on the availability of organic, homegrown ingredients. We live on a sizeable smallholding which allows us enough space to plant our own vegetables.

  • FRUIT TREES AND ANIMALS – For most of you living in urban areas, it’s not so easy to pull this one off, but if you have a love for the produce and the right amount of determination, there’s no reason why you can’t pull this one off. First check out your area’s climate conditions and then start growing your fruit trees which match the conditions, the environment and soil conditions.
  • GO BLOGGING FOR BUCKS – It can depend on your personal and educational background, but even with the best college education in the world, it’s not an easy one to pull off. Relying solely on your daily or weekly blog posts for a secure monthly income is not a good idea. You could be waiting years for monthly goals to be achieved. Use your startup blog to promote your work from home business and the other things you’ll be making and selling from home.
  • YOUR KITCHEN IS YOUR OFFICE – Most working mothers, those who still have jobs to go to everyday, still need to spend time in the kitchen. That’s something that’s never going to go away, right? I mean, if you don’t cook the food, your kids won’t be eating tonight. Lucky for me, and I hope this is the case for most of you still thinking about what kind of niche business or tasks to focus on while starting up, I love to cook. I love food, from the time it’s planted in the garden and herded in pastures, to the time it reaches the dinner table. I love seeing the looks on the faces of my family which tells me just how much they’re enjoying their meal. You can look for inspirational ideas in many different places that may just turn into a unique product well worth manufacturing and marketing. Read recipe books. Walk around town and visit organic produce markets. Talk to the folks selling their jams and pickles and ask them as many questions as you can think of. Visit restaurants and talk to the chefs over there as well. Go to the seaside and talk to the small boat fishermen who will, I can guarantee you, be providing you with an ocean of inspiration.
  • LOOKING AFTER KIDS – We mothers all have the experience. So what’s stopping you from running your own day care center while other moms have to go to the office? In many cases, you’ll need to properly register for this before being able to run your own day care center.
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