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Hi ladies, its Lima here again.

Hope you’ve all been enjoying my posts so far. In an earlier post, I mentioned that I was going to tell you a little bit about Maui’s history. There is just so much to tell that it’s just not possible to squeeze it all into one post. Nevertheless, this post will still be fairly extensive, so let me roll up my sleeves and get straight down to work.

  • BEFORE THERE WAS WATER UNDER THE BRIDGE – To believe the history is somewhat contentious for some modern thinkers. I call them naysayers and doubters. Those who have doubts in business, well they’re setting themselves up for failure, aren’t they. To believe the history requires faith. This same value applies when starting up your own business. Have faith in your own abilities and you will succeed. The legend goes that Maui was a folk hero. Long before there were any settlers or any form of industry on the islands, there was Maui. He was fishing in the ocean one day and caught the islands of Hawaii with his magic fishing rod. His brothers let him down and so was unable to hold the islands together. That’s why they’re all scattered all over the ocean today.
  • THE POLYNESIANS – The first true settlers on the islands of Maui were from Polynesia. They came over in three different stages over a period of about three hundred years. Later came settlers from Marquesas, and then still later, the Tahitians. It was the Tahitians who introduced our cultures as they still stand today. Along with traditional culture and religion, our multicultural languages and class systems, came land possession and entrepreneurship.
  • THE KING – Although it’s really no laughing matter, this next discovery is so weird that it actually made me laugh. I’m wondering if it will make you laugh as well. That’s now a positive trait to have when you’re running your own business. Especially when things are quite rough, like the waves sometimes are around our island, it helps to have a sense of humor. It’s what helps get you through a really tough day. Kamehameha was officially Hawaii’s first king. Now, this is the weird part, it’s the king’s name, you see. I’m going to quote it letter by letter just as I discovered it on the net. Here goes. King Kamehameha’s full name is Kalani Pai’ea Wohi o Kaleikini Keali’ikuil Kamehameha o ‘lolani I Kaiwikapu kaui Ka Liholiho Kunuiakea. Weird or what?
  • THE LOST – These guys just simply never made it. It’s actually thank goodness that they got lost. Our islands would not be the way they are today if the Spaniards discovered them and decided to settle. They came close but their ships got wrecked. Those that didn’t get wrecked simply kept missing the spot. They didn’t plot and plan their routes. Another entrepreneurship lesson is to always keep up with your planning methodologies, bearing in mind that these are always subject to change as the markets change, and as it was for the ocean explorers, as the wind blows.
  • CAPTAIN JAMES COOK – Most of us at some stage or another during our school history lessons have heard about the great explorer, Captain Cook, so I thought I’d share a note about him too. But here’s the interesting thing about Cook. He missed the spot too. But he was a clever man. The main reason why he didn’t step onto the shore of Maui was because he couldn’t find a safe spot to anchor. He took many sea-faring risks in his life, but he was also quite prudent with the tools of his trade.
  • OUR FIRST TRADE WAS NOT SUSTAINABLE – Hawaiian locals chopped down our sandalwood trees and used it to barter with European traders who brought things that our ancestors had never even seen in their lives before, and probably didn’t need either. Fortunately, good King Kamehameha realized that our resources were quite limited that he put a stop to the trade altogether. He was quite happy to make sacrifices, in this case, missed trading opportunities, in order to savor natural resources far more precious than commodities. When running your organic startup, always seek out inherent values. This will make your business life that much more rewarding.
  • THEN THERE WAS THE WHALES – Whaling was big during the nineteenth century. Hawaii’s Honolulu became one of the first major Pacific ports for whalers to dock in. This is during an era when Honolulu began to grow as a major industrial node, where anything from metal and beads, to fresh fruit and vegetables were traded. You should know by now that, today, whaling is banned because the continued killing of whales is going to have a serious impact on the world’s largest mammal species’ population growth. Back then, it was a free for all, and before electricity came, whale oil was used for power.
  • FRUIT AND VEGETABLES – You know what’s great about doing good research and development, especially if it’s for your new startup. You’re always going to be learning something new every day. And whatever you do learn should never be discarded like a pinch of salt. You might not think that your new discovery is relevant to your new business right now, but you never know, sometime in the future, good advice you think you don’t need now, might just come in handy later on. That’s another thing about successful entrepreneurship. Always take a long-term view, just like most of the world’s most successful investors and stock market traders do. Do a little more reading on the likes of Warren Buffet for more inspiration.But what was my discovery where fruit and vegetables are concerned. Seeing as I love this side of my little business, I’d better tell you all quickly before I go. Once upon a time, Maui had just about nothing, no food, not even pineapples. It was all brought to the island by the foreign traders.
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