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Hope you have enjoyed the last few short posts I’ve put out for you. Hope it serves you well in terms of motivating you to get up and go with your new small business developments. If you are already on the go, you may find that it’s been hard going. Do not be disheartened by this, that is par for the course, I am afraid. Running your small business on your own is never easy. Even when you’re really soaring, it still has its ups and downs.

Today’s post is just going to be all about inspiring others to give of their best. It’s inspirational in the sense that whether you have hard days at the office or are enjoying profitable days, work must always carry on. In this line of small business, there is never really time to rest on your laurels. Even the big company owners will tell you this. Cutting to the chase, all I’m going to be doing for you today is hopefully inspiring you by telling you what it means to be a working mother.

  • The class definition – It will appear as though I am speaking from a philosophical point of view. That may be but it was not intentionally done. The real intention was to always speak from the heart. As a small scale businesswoman, I personally believe that there is space to speak about business from the heart. I don’t have employees of my own at this stage but I have seen how much inspiration coming from working mothers rubs off on their workers. They do not need to say much. All they are doing well is simply leading by example.
  • The work is never done – The class distinction needs to be dumped for once and for all, I believe. We need to get rid of the notion that we are even women. What we are, are bosses. We are the CEOs of our own small companies. In fact, we should be ridding ourselves of the notion that our business is even small. It’s a business, end of story, take it or leave it. Comparing yourself to giants and others who appear to be streets ahead of you may overawe some of you who still need a bit of toughening up. Being your own boss, whether you are the sole employee, or have one or two workers under your wing, takes hard work. Accept that fact, keep on doing what you’re doing and see your business grow.
  • The positive theme is always growth – Do not be discouraged by this notion; that the work is never done. It does not mean that you will never, ever be able to come up for air to breathe. In time, you will be doing this a lot more than you might be thinking right now. Take a deep breath but never sigh. Our work is only beginning. Ever heard about the four hour work week? That may seem ludicrous for now but the principle is a wholly positive one.Positive things happen to positive people. The above point raised was that there is always going to be a positive theme of growth. In the matter of defining ourselves, we can never stop being mothers. See that as a positive. See it as a positive attribute for your developing business. Mothers grow things. They bring up their children, and in the same way, they can bring up their business to succeed. A business never stands still. It continues to grow.
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