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All it takes is love.

That’s my motivation for today. I hope it serves as a nice motivator for you as well. We mothers were born to love, weren’t we? We were born with maternal instincts to nurture and to grow. Essentially, our nurturing and growing has always been closely associated with our families but in business, now that’s another story. So true it is that they are still saying that it’s a man’s world out there but to be quite frank with you, whether you are a woman or a man should not be a preoccupation.

This post is more motivation (and inspiration) to be successful in starting up and developing your own small business. For most working mothers, this will be happening in their kitchen or in their study or workstation, fully equipped with the laptop, printer and scanner and all other neat and necessary stationary. Let me use this analogy to make my first motivational case on what it takes to be a working mother.

  • Get rid of the clutter – Looking at my own desk at the beginning of my own tenure as a full-fledged working mother from home, I could not help notice all the clutter. I had lovely pens and pencils which I really did not need. I had paper everywhere, notes scribbled on most of them. This was back in the day before I formally started my own business. Actually, it was just over a year ago. And it is still under development as we speak. Compare and contrast my desk now and you will see that, yes, there’s still a bit of clutter about me but it’s just essentials. Work reminders and scheduling ideas, that sort of thing.
  • Be single-minded – Those work reminders and scheduling things are works in progress. My little business remains a work in progress. Still in its developmental stages, it is continuously being reinvented. I must just say that when I began to rely on my small business income for my month to month expenses, it always seemed as though I was never making enough. When I look back at the numbers now, I can only laugh, never cry (that would be negative), it’s actually quite phenomenal. I have the potential to do well and to stay profitable. I have to take a single-minded approach to everything I do and say and keep on reinventing the wheel.
  • Learn to say no – That is to say until such time as that wheel is a well-oiled one that is rotating at a good speed that I am able to keep up with. It takes discipline to be single-minded. It takes discipline to budget accordingly. You need not become a penny pincher or even start living like a pauper to succeed. That attitude runs counter to everything that you want to achieve. Be big, brave and bold. You need to take chances in your business, experiment a little, but never set yourself up to fail.You also need to learn to say no. If you are a working mom at home, that form of discipline may be hard for now. You have kids about you for most of the time. But if you are a good mother, you have learned to discipline your kids as well. You love them dearly but you need not be soft-hearted and accede to every single one of their childish demands. That applies to husbands too, by the way. It applies to those with whom you are doing business with. Learn to say no when unreasonable demands come your way.
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