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Well, well, well, it’s really great to be back talking to you today. Yes, I’ve been away for a while and I’m really so sorry about this. I’m still catching up with some comments readers have left me regarding my life, my business and how I’ve been trying to inspire other working moms, not just in Maui, but across the world, to do right by themselves and startup their own, profitable business from home. Today, I’m going to be jumping straight into the volcanic fire, if you will, and linking up with the catering business by showing you how quickly you should respond to great events in your area.

Thanksgiving Day was celebrated

One of the reasons why I was away for so long was because I was not just celebrating, but planning and preparing for big national American holidays also celebrated in Maui. For instance, just the other day, we celebrated Thanksgiving Day, and just after I abandoned you to your reading, I was heading my business in the direction of Independence Day. Most of my prep work for Christmas Day and traditional Maui end of year festivities has been completed. Now it is just a matter of putting the logistics in place and timing the preparation of fresh, organic ingredients to perfection.

Pearl Harbor and other National commemorations

Bearing in mind too that the US Military has quartered on the small island of Maui for many years, one of the most momentous historical events commemorated is that of the invasion of Pearl Harbor by the Japanese which precipitated America’s entry into the Second World War. But as indigenous islanders, year-round festivals and commemorations of our ancient history are never far from our minds.

Maui dance and other community or cultural festivals

A small but no less significant tradition of our culture is the ritual of dance. Very conveniently for me and my business is the fact that many of the people of Maui, especially the younger generation, love to party. At the time of writing the Konomi Dance Works was in progress. Many youngsters, not much younger than me, have been attending this series of events fanatically. Their hip hop exertions can make them quite hungry and thirsty. So, guess what, I arranged a temporary store, with local authority permission to do this, close to the hives of activity.

Taking advantage of your catering business at home

One of the advantages of having your catering business at home is that your overheads should be lower than if you were running your business from hired commercial premises. No matter what national holiday or religious or cultural festival is being celebrated in your area, you should be reaching out to your neighbors and taking care of their traditional culinary requirements as the occasion requires. Whether this next initiative was fortuitous or not is beside the point, but we got to practice sustainable work practices a lot sooner than I thought. Simply put, we couldn’t really afford the fancy electrical appliances seen in modern kitchens today and proceeded to do all our kitchen work by hand. It also turned out to be a job spinner for a few locals. I needed extra hands to help me out.

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